I've been finding myself engrossed in the ongoing war between humans and the Advent - the aliens who took over Earth and have somehow enslaved mankind from the previous XCOM. Luckily I'm part of the resistance and my rusty skills from the previous game have been slowly coming back. It's a turn-based strategy game with you controlling a squad of fighters. Even on the easier setting, it's a challenge. Sure, you can save your game and re-load it if one of your squad members dies, but it's much more satisfying to trudge through each mission knowing you can lose one of your veteran soldiers because you weren't anticipating some nuanced tactic by the aliens. Even the resouce-managment aspect of the game is fun. Finding rooms to clear in your Helicarrier-esque ship and choosing the right facilities and research is essential to your strategy going into each mission. It's an addictive game I don't think I'm close to finishing yet.